Spintronic Battery (6 V)

Spintronic Battery (6 V)

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This spintronic battery powers spintronic circuits. It provides a constant spin voltage of 6 V when it is charged by pulling the string back.

Detailed description

This 6 spin volt battery has a maximum capacity of 0.3 mAh. A pull string charges the battery, and a constant torque spring provides a nearly constant spin voltage all the way until its charge is fully depleted. In the event of a short circuit, a built-in circuit breaker stops it immediately. The breaker is reset by charging the battery once more.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
John D. (Lancaster, GB)
Rapid response

The 'Battery' in my grandson's Spintronics broke - the string came off the spool and jammed the axle. I rang Upper Storey, who immediately arranged for a replacement to be sent to me, which arrived first class. Excellent service! Oh, and he finds the Spintronics fascinating!

Konrad L. (Stuttgart, DE)
This one works fine

Got two new batteries because the first broke.

Amir V. (Zagreb, HR)
Very pleased

Responsiveness of a upper story team is superb as well as quality of their product.

Jessicah S. (Derry, US)
Superb customer service

I called with a question about a piece that was now malfunctioning in our kit. Upper Story gave “above and beyond” service to me. Highly appreciated!!

Vanessa J. (Seattle, US)

Great products everytime