Spintronic Resistor (50 - 1000 Ω)

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**Important: Choose the resistance value you want**


Spintronic resistors resist the flow of current. The higher the resistance value, the harder they are to turn. Resistors help keep circuits under control by limiting the flow of current.

Resistors come with fixed values that cannot be changed. You must choose the value of the resistor before you can add it to your cart.

Detailed description

Resistance is generated from shearing of silicone oil inside a sealed chamber. This gives a very stable resistance with low stiction. To make resistors of different values, the factory mixes silicone oils of varying viscosity.

Resistances are accurate to +/- 10% at the reference spin voltage. Note that there is a significant dependence of resistance on the spin voltage applied across the resistor due to the slight non-Newtonian behavior of silicone oil. See the datasheet supplied with the part for more information.

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