Spintronic Junction Value Pack

Spintronic Junction Value Pack

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Spintronic junctions allow the current to branch, just like an electrical junction of three wires. Each sprocket is one of the three paths for current.

If you're looking to get extra parts, this is a good kit to get, since junctions are the most commonly used part in spintronic circuits.

Detailed description

These junctions use a planetary gear arrangement, where the top sprocket is the sun, the middle sprocket is the ring, and the bottom sprocket is the carrier of the planets. The sprockets are of different diameters, but the internal gearing ratios are chosen such that it behaves according to the following equation:

vbottom = vmiddle + vtop

vtop is the velocity of a tooth on the top sprocket
vmiddle is the velocity of a tooth on the middle sprocket
vbottom is the velocity of a tooth on the bottom sprocket


Package includes:

  • 4 - Spintronic junctions


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