Turing Tumble Paquete virtual

Turing Tumble Paquete virtual

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Todos los planos para que puedas imprimir en 3D tu propio Turing Tumble. Crea tus propias piezas o modifícalas.

Como la mayoría de las impresoras 3D no comerciales no pueden imprimir el tamaño del tablero de computadora, recomendamos comprar uno junto con el paquete virtual.

Encuentra trucos y consejos para crear tu propia copia de Turing Tumble en los foros de la comunidad en community.turingtumble.com.


La descarga incluye:

  • Archivos CAD (formato STL y STP) para todas las piezas de plástico
  • Una versión en PDF del libro de problemas (solo en inglés)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Bradley (Cobble Hill, CA)
Needs print profiles and re-design for home 3D printing!

I bought Virtual Pack with the intention of printing a complete game with my Bambu Labs X1C printer. The Virtual Pack does not include any printing profiles. The small pieces should be re-designed with removable pins so that they can be printed flat. There should also be a version of the game board that can be printed in sections and then glued together. It looks like I spent $20 for nothing.

C D.
Great critical thinking puzzle

It took a bit for my 8 yo boys to warm up to the story. At first they wanted to just create their own combinations. Once they started working the challenges, the set took on w whole new aspect. They�re motivated to earn new pieces as they finish more challenges.

Ralf B.
Much work – quite a bit of fun

I ordered a Virtual pack and as recommended, I also bought a computer board as recommended in the product description.However it turns out, most other parts aren’t particularly well suited for single extrusion 3d-printers either, which made it hard to prepare those as well.Also, you still need to purchase weights for the ramps somewhere (not for sale in this store), the main balls (which are for sale but seem to permanantely be sold out) and probably a board stand.The crossover-elements are particulary hard to print so they operate with reasonable reliability.The shop could make the required items much clearer since the shipment ist quite expensive and youe don’t want to return for individual parts.It is also sad that it isn't possible to buy a German puzzle book along with the virtual pack without paying that twice.The game itsself is a lot of fun and I just bought a regular copy for someone. The virtual pack isn’t a fair deal since it's unclear what you sign up for.

Bin H.
Virtual version not living up to expectation

As an experience 3D printer user, I didn�t think much before purchasing the virtual version. First, the experience is not good. What I received was a temporary download link that can only be accessed from that email, not within the account. And the link expired after just a few days, so if I didn�t save the downloaded file, I�m doomed. More importantly, the parts� tolerance are too tight for FDM printing. I had to use a drill to open up the holes so the parts can spin more freely, yet I still can�t make linked gears turn appropriately (3D printing is not as smooth as injection molded parts). So overall, the virtual version is not carefully executed or tested and compromised an otherwise ingeniously designed product.

Michal J.
Good value, and slightly insane.

When I found out that there's pdf + stl/stp bundle available, I was amazed that someone would actually release the source code for the parts.Not only is the pdf version useful when I want to tinker with TT and I'm too lazy to pull out the box (because there's online simulator available).But should I ever find the need to print some additional part, it'd be no problem given the stl/stp files.Thank you, this is unprecendented... and very welcome.